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Café & Restaurant Altane

An altan (rarely also: altane) is an open platform or balcony, resting on pillars or walls, on the upper level of a building.

Way up at a dizzying height, on sunny days the Café & Restaurant Altane offers a breathtaking view of the Edersee and the surrounding landscape.

Glorious. And on overcast days you'll simply love the comfortable atmosphere. Relaxed, bistro-style cuisine offering "Schmeckewöhlerchen", the region's savory tidbits.

Try one of our home-baked cakes, ice creams, assorted salads and delicious traditional dishes. We're sure you'll find something to suit your taste. And the adjoining terrace is so beautiful, you'll never want to leave.


Opening Hours:


The Café & Restaurant Altane is open from

12.00 am - 06.00 pm.

Lunch is served from

12.00 am - 04.00 pm.




On Mondays and Sundays we serve dinner from

06.00 pm - 09.00 pm.


From 01.01.-15.03.2024 daily dinner.



Restaurant “Alte Turmuhr”

Restaurant “Alte Turmuhr”

We take our inspiration from Oscar Wilde, who was quoted as saying: "I have but the simplest taste, I am always satisfied with the best". And the best is often to be found right at our doorstep.

At the small but excellent restaurant Alte Turmuhr, Chef Paul Piechniczek creates delicious menus, for even the most educated palates. His specialty is the innovative combination of regional produce with exotic fare, with surprising and beautiful results. The Chef is only satisfied when he has managed to make his guests "just a bit happier". A delectable ambition - and even detectable: just take a bite of one of his very own bread creations.


Opening Hours:


The Restaurant Alte Turmuhr is open from 06.00pm.
The kitchen closes at 09.00pm.

Please don’t miss to reserve a table at reception.


Closed from 01.01.-15.03.2024.



On Mondays and Sundays the Restaurant is closed.

the Bar
Dean Martin would have loved this place!

Late night at the castle. Right next to the fire place room lounge you'll find our cozy bar. Subdued lighting allows it to display its beauty and comfortable elegance.

This expertly equipped bar will surprise you with a cache of finest drinks, such as select grappas and excellent eau de vies by Nonnino, and a range of impressive whiskeys. Enjoy a marvelous view of night-time Waldeck, meet friends or relish a solitary nightcap.


closed from 01.01. until 15.03.2024



Kaminzimmer „fire place room“
Serenity, feel at peace, at home...

This is a peaceful haven for our guests. It was inspired by American clubs, which were designed for "gentlemen" to relax after work, for reading or for leisurely conversation, before going home to their families. This comfortable room, with its modern interpretation of classic elegance, is ideal for a drink from the adjoining bar, for reading the daily newspaper, or for playing a game of backgammon or chess, at the English card table.

But it is just as perfect for a few minutes spent holding hands, for getting lost in thought and for daydreaming...


closed from 01.01. until 15.03.2024

Dear Guests,


please note that sporty or beach wear such as flip flops are not suitable in our restaurant „Alte Turmuhr“. You do well by Smart Casual to Business Look.



You are perfectly dressed in a polo shirt or shirt and closed shoes, even in a suit or jeans. A tie is not necessarily needed. You are warmly welcome without.



Women are well dressed in a Smart Casual Dress (blouse, suit/skirt or jeans). Please do not wear too short dresses, shorts or training suits.

Furthermore we point out that dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.